Virtual Machine Directory

Hosting analysis software for Mass Spectrometry


Virtual Machines can be accessed using the Remote Desktop Connection. You can set up a connection with the VM address listed below and log in using your UoA credential. Please note that when working off-campus, you need to connect to VPN before you are able to access the VM. VPN instructions.

If you would like to access any of the following VMs for your mass spectrometry data analysis, please supply your UOA UPI (e.g., George001) to the corresponding contact person.


The detailed configurations on Remote desktop connecting, accessing local files and folders on Remote Desktop Session can be found here.

For the detailed configurations on mapping shared net drive to the VM (e.g. resmed), please follow the guide as follows: Mapping a shared folder video guide (Windows). Mapping a shared folder video guide (Mac). Written guide with screenshots (Windows).

If you want to have an internet connection inside the VM system, please do the configuration indicated in this link within the VM system. For the metabolomics VM (windows server based system), the user could follow the instruction here to configure the proxy.

We currently have several SIMCA 16 activation keys for UoA users under the Umetrics university license policy. Contact us to install this software on your computer.

Category Description VM name Contact person Software
Metabolomics Metabolomics software & databases (GC-MS)

Jin Wang

George GUO

Wiley Nist 2020 Mass Spectral Database, MassHunter, Chemstation, AMDIS, NISTMS, MassOmics, R, Python, ChemOffice, metaboanalystR, SIRIUS 4
Metabolomics Metabolomics software & databases (LC-Orbitrap-MS) Kalita Prangnell SIEVE, Xcalibur, Compound Discoverer 3.1
Proteomics Proteomics data analysis software Martin Middleditch ProteinPilot (Viewer mode only) and PeakView with BioTools, fragpipe, MaxQuant
FT-ICR-MS Bruker Data Analysis Gus Grey DataAnalysis v4.4, BioTools v3.2, Sequence Editor v3.2, flexImaging v4.1, SCiLS Lab (v2015)
MALDI imaging MALDI imaging data analysis software Gus Grey SCiLS Lab (v2020b Pro)
MALDI imaging MALDI imaging data analysis software Gus Grey SCiLS Lab (v2020b Pro), HiTMaP (Docker with GUI))
MALDI imaging MALDI imaging data analysis software Gus Grey SCiLS Lab (v2020b Pro), flexImaging v4.1, flexAnalysis v3.4
Small molecules Agilent data analysis software Githal Arachchige MassHunter, NIST08, AMDIS