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Exciting job opportunities related to Mass spectrometry from all over the world Follow the link: Job opportunities    

Marty’s Cancer Treatment

Marty's Cancer Treatment Fundraiser Webpage MEET MARTY He’s just 38 and in a fight for his life. He is family, is passionate about his work as a...

ANZSMS Newsletter February 2021

We are pleased to bring you the latest news in mass spectrometry from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond! The Newsletter contains news regarding...

1st AOHUPO Online Educational Series 2021

On behalf of AOHUPO, we would like to inform you that AOHUPO Council has decided to launch a new online education program, called "AOHUPO Online...

“Next Generation Proteomics in Precision Oncology”-AOHUPO Online Education Series 2021

The AOHUPO will organize an Online Education Series 2021 featuring "Next Generation Proteomics in Precision Oncology". This series is packed with...

About Mass Spectrometry Hub

Mass Spectrometry Hub has evolved from a group of University of Auckland (New Zealand) based researchers who are passionate about applying mass spectrometry techniques to a wide range of scientific research. For several years this group has linked researchers together to discuss mass spectrometry techniques and troubleshoot technical challenges.