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Bruker MicrOTOF-QII

Mass Spectrometer

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The microTof-QII is equipped with ESI, APCI and nanoMate ion source, which enables detection of wide range of analytes from small organic molecules to large proteins.

Qualitative analysis of any ESI or ACPI compatible analytes.

High mass resolution resolution of 17,500-20,000 FWHM and a typical mass accuracy at 1-2ppm.

Not able to do quantification, sample need to compatible with ESI or APCI source.

Idea of target compounds.


      • Mass Resolution: 17,500-20,000 (FWHM)
      • Mass Accuracy: 1-2 ppm


Analysis for the Bruker MicrOTOF-QII is supported by Bruker DataAnalysis 4.1.

Contact Githal Arachchige for more information.


Email Githal Arachchige for all inquiries related to the Bruker MicrOTOF-QII MS.


Molecular formula for target compound and weight or concentration of the sample is a necessary. Sample preparation guidelines should be read and followed.


This is a low-resolution mass spec instrument with an m/z range up to 2,000.


Per sample cost is $35 for small molecule identification.


Available for postgraduate students, doctoral candidates and staff of the University of Auckland.

Access Requirements

The Bruker MicrOTOF-QII is housed on the Main Campus in the School of Chemical Sciences.


This instrument is operated by trained staff.


Users can submit their sample using the Bruker MicrOTOF Mass spectrometry submission form.