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Liggins Triple Quadruople LC-MS

Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry is used to measure the concentration of targeted small molecules in complex mixtures. Available analyses include steroids, vitamins, amino acids and similar molecules.

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The Liggins Institute has a TSQ Quantiva (Thermo Fisher) triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with a Vanquish Ultra High Pressure Chromatography (UPLC) system for sample delivery and separation. 


– Single Reaction Monitoring (SRM) mode to ‘target’ and quantify specific compounds in sample extracts.
– High mass accuracy and specificity to differentiate between very similar molecules.
– Automated sample delivery from vials or 96 well plates to enable overnight analyses to be undertaken.
– Can be used for a variety of matrices (following sample extraction) eg. plasma, saliva, urine, hair, milk and blood.


Analysis for the Liggins Triple Quadrupole data is supported by Xcaliber and other software available on the Q-Exactive Virtual Machine.


Email Eric Thorstensen or Kalita Prangnell for all enquiries related to Triple Quadrupole MS.


There are several small molecule analysis ‘panels’ which have been fully validated and published in scientific journals; these are available to users as “off the shelf” products. De novo assay setup is also available and should be discussed with the Liggins Institute mass spectrometry technical team.


Not suitable for proteins and large compounds, unless they have been enzymatically digested.


The cost of each analysis will vary from project to project depending on the analysis required and the number of samples. Contact Eric Thorstensen to discuss your project and for costings estimates.


Post-graduate Students, Doctoral Candidates, Research/Academic Staff, Professional Staff, Collaborators (external to the University), Commercial clients.

Access Requirements

The Triple Quadrupole LC-MS instrument is housed on the Grafton campus in the Liggins Institute.


These instruments are operated by Kalita Prangnell.


Arranged through Eric Thorstensen.