Today saw the second meeting of the MMMSG, and the first to take place physically on the Grafton Campus. Despite some technical issues with the videocalling infrastructure some great conversations were had and we got introduced to some fascinating research from the attendees covering eye lens glucose metabolism, a diverse range of metabolites in breastmilk and the use of Molecular Networking. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the meeting. It is really nice to start to build our networks across FMHS and beyond. Hopefully everyone saw the value in such a meeting as a place to share problems and canvas advice from experts in the field.

For next meeting I think I will solicit offers of 5-10 minute presentations of people’s experimental data or proposals so that we can have something to look at on the screen besides our own grinning faces. I also intend to promote the meeting to a wider audience across FMHS by posting an invite to junkmail and also to other Faculties in the hope of creating as broad an attendance as possible.

Anyone interested in attending or presenting their work at the next meeting please get in touch directly with