ShaRE Mass Spectrometry Centre

The University of Auckland ShaRE Mass Spectrometry Centre and MaSH would like to congratulate Bincy Jacob and Saras Green on their permanent appointments as LC-MS and GC-MS Technologists, respectively.  Bincy and Saras have experience working in the Mass Spectrometry Centre and they are ready and eager to help you with your research needs in proteomics and metabolomics.

Bincy Jacob has a Masters in Industrial Biotechnology and a PhD in Chemistry from The University of Auckland. Her PhD research involved understanding the proteomic differences in cartilage tissues during early osteoarthritis.
Currently working as a Technologist in LC-MS Operations in the ShaRE Mass Spectrometry Centre, she specializes in proteomics based techniques involving LC-MS/MS, intact protein analysis, MALDI imaging, targeted proteomics, iTRAQ based LC-MS/MS and SWATH-MS. She is also skilled in data analysis using various software platforms such as ProteinPilot, PeakView, Skyline, MultiQuant, MarkerView, MASCOT, BLASTP, FlexImaging, FlexAnalysis, SCiLS, and VBA Macros.

Saras Green completed her Master of Science (Chemistry) at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia in the area of natural product chemistry. She has several years of experience working in accredited commercial analytical laboratories in both Australia and New Zealand. Her expertise is in the area of environmental and food testing using GC-MS. Since 2015, Saras has been working in the ShaRE Mass Spectrometry Centre at the University of Auckland, with a focus on assisting researchers and students in the field of metabolomics.