Mass Spectrometry Research Showcase

A joint event by MWC and MaSH|UOA

Dear MS community in UoA,

In light of lifted restrictions and with a view to getting our networks reinforced and our scientific conversations flowing, the MWC Early Career Steering Group Committee in partnership with UOA MaSH (Mass Spectrometry Hub) brings you a Mass Spectrometry Research Showcase.

Have you ever considered adding mass spectrometry analysis to your experimental workflow but weren’t sure what technologies may be available to us right here in Aoteoroa? Do you know your GC from your LC and your Orbitrap from your MALDI?

If you have an interest in mass spec as a tool and would like to see how it’s powers are being harnessed nationally across a variety of research projects, then this is the event for you! The showcase will predominantly consist of ‘user’ stories illustrating the utility of the wide spectrum of machines available which we hope will enable you to see applications for your own research questions.

Teaser: We will have a virtual closing keynote speaker at the end of the day (3:30pm) from Australia ( with some exciting research to present (we will be linking into the international Victorian Mass Spec Symposium via zoom for this final talk of the day).


Date: Friday, December 4th, 2020, 10am – 5pm (approx)

Location(s): There will be an in-person Auckland event, and an in-person Otago event held simultaneously with a mix of live and virtual speakers at both. Zoom will be providing an interdimensional portal so both locations can experience the same great event at the same time just like entangled subatomic particles. Zoom can also be helpful for those who cannot physically attend either location.

Catering: Lunch will be provided followed by drinks and nibbles post-event for those attending the in-person events.

Registration: Please click this RSVP link to register your attendance at this event.