Laboratory Structural Biology Seminar:

Dr. Mark Agasid, Oxford University

Title: Progressing protein mass spectrometry closer to the physiological millieu

The biological environments of proteins are composed of complex chemical matrixes consisting of ions, small-molecules, peptides, and other proteins. This dynamically changing landscape is also critically important for protein structure and function. Over the past 25 years, mass spectrometry of intact proteins and protein complexes has elucidated important details of protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions, owing to high mass accuracy and resolution. However, the millimolar concentrations of non-volatile salts present in physiological solutions have posed a significant challenge in studying these macromolecular assemblies in their native solution conditions. Here, we describe advancements in the electrospray ionisation of soluble and membrane proteins from high-salt environments and how this may be coupled to improvements in mass spec instrumentation to garner greater details about protein assemblies.

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When: 1 pm 5th February 2020

Where: Mac1, Building 106-112, City Campus